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Nothing but the best we can find. 


Wholesale Partnerships

Interested in featuring Parallel coffee in your business? Far from the one size fits all mindset, we can tailor coffee solutions specifically to the individual needs of your business. If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to chat! 
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Our Guest Roaster Program

We love partnering with avid coffee lovers. Our Guest Roaster Program gives you special access to our monthly rotation of new and funky coffees. Feature Parallel on your filter menu or as a secondary espresso, treating your customers to something new and exciting. 

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Retail Coffee Offerings 


Do you need a supply of exciting coffees for your office, so you can look forward to brewing something delicious every day? Check out our office subscriptions. 


Start your day with nothing but the best! Choose between our espresso blend or single origin subscriptions. 


New to Specialty? 

If you're interested in taking your coffee journey just a little bit further, we've got all the equipment, coffee and resources you need! All of this and more at The Brewing Hub.