Ethiopia Sebo | Filter

Ethiopia Sebo | Filter

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This is a washed grade 1 from the Sebo Woreda, processed at Refisa washing station, located in the West Arsi region (which is in the vicinity of Guji and Yirgacheffe, get it?). This is a relatively new growing area  and one we are super excited about. This one features a jasmine like aroma, sweet lemon curd notes and lovely candy sweetness.

We are loving the complexity of this coffee, and is showing high levels of body for a washed coffee from this region. We have developed this coffee in the roaster a touch longer than normal for Ethios and have achieved a great balance of acidity and sweetness.

Region: West Arsi
Variety: Native
Altitude: 1850 masl
Process: Washed

Lemon Curd,
Jasmine, Juicy Acidity

Pour Over, Drip Filter, Aeropress

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