Colombia La Estrella Gesha | Filter

Colombia La Estrella Gesha | Filter


It’s the coffee we’ve all been waiting for. Jairo Lopez produced this beautiful coffee on his farm La Estrella that is unique both in variety and processing. We love this honey process for the Gesha as we think it really highlights the variety’s features while adding a little bit of fruit and body. We cupped this coffee four separate times before committing and are convinced it is worth of the extra cost to offer a coffee of this calibre. Expect this coffee to taste complex and full of aromatics, with jasmine tea and berry crush.

Region: Quindio
Producer: Jairo Lopez
Variety: Gesha
Altitude: 1600 masl
Process: Honey

Complex and
Aromatic, Berry Crush, Jasmine and Toffee

Pour over, Plunger, Cold Brew

Please note: As this coffee is of limited supply it will not be apart of our dealers choice bundle.

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