About Us

Parallel Roasters is proudly born and bred in the vibrant coffee scene of Brisbane, Australia.
We acknowledge our position within the local community and Australian coffee scene, and are working hard to cultivate relationships and knowledge in our own field. Through our buying practices, we are endeavouring to support coffee-producing countries and their growing communities of coffee growers by collaborating with ethical, transparent importers who treat farmers as equal partners.

We have been purchasing coffees from the same producers for a number of years now, enabling us to offer consistency and sustainability, in particular with our blends, which we believe is key to any successful business. At the same time, we are constantly on the search for new and exciting coffees, cupping through hundreds of samples every year to bring you nothing but the best we can find.

We believe that coffee isn’t complicated, and that quality and simplicity are great partners. Through education, simple techniques and systems, everyone — from cafes to home brewers — should be able to enjoy great coffee every day.